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Several years ago, we had a sweet little dog, who had a cute little red bowl that was bought at a big pet store.  One day, we noticed blood coming from his nose and took him in to see the Vet.  Bad news.  He had some sinus tumors that would eventually go to the brain.   It was caused from the lead glaze in the cute little red bowl.   So I went on a mission to make safe, lead free, whimsical, colorful dog and cat bowls.  

Here are a few that are available.  They are all hand made, and custom bowls are welcomed.  Colors, patterns and your pet's name can be requested.  Please feel free to contact me, so we can get all the information correct for a custom bowl, because once fired, it can't be altered.  

XL Heart Dog Bowl - $85.00
XL Heart Dog Bowl
XL ceramic dog bowl, lead free, hand washing is best.
Cat Bowl - $20.00
Cat Bowl
Cat Bowl lead free ceramic. Hand wash is best.
Large Round Dog Bowl - $55.00
Large Round Dog Bowl
Large round dog bowl, custom colors and names of dog (s) available. These are handmade, so it is best to hand wash. Lead free glazes used.
Just imagine !