Short & Tall Yarn Bowls
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Aqua Spring
Black Spring
Black & White Diamond
Big Blue Spring
Blue & White Spring Dot
Diamond & Dot Color
Hot Tamale
Black Sheep
Medium Sapphire Spring
Miss Ewe S.A.
Spinning Wool
Tall Hearts
Yellow Spring
Pink Leaf
Pink lamb
Red Sheep
Big Blue Leaf
Where do ewe go on vacation ?? N'ewe York??
Do Ewe like Sunflowers?
Pumpkin Head
Sweet S'ewe
Men knit, I've seen it.
Blue vine
Octopus knitter (blue)
Octopus knitter (white)
Its not a party hat, I'm a ewenicorn.
Black spring
Lulu knows the hula
Garden Diva
Pink lamb in a Red bow
Bl'ewe Boy
Black Sea/ White Octopus
Ewe are my favorite chocolate bahhhhhh
White/black spring
Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead, orange/pink
Day of the Dead/ red/pink
Day of the Dead/ yellow/white
Day of the Dead/pink/white
Day of the Dead/ purple/white
red starfish
purple starfish
yellow spring
Baaaaaby Lamb
sheep in snow
Red wreath lamb
Dreams come true/white cat
Dreams come true/brown dog
Baby Bl'ewe
Lavender spring
Secret Garden
Black Spring/with vines
Little Daisy Lamb
Big Red
big blue dot
jailbird short
Blue dotted spring
Bad hair day
Get the ball
Lily the Princess custom bowl
Pussy Hat
Tight Knit Community
Yellow Spring
Red & White stripe
Dot the dog
Little Bo Peep
Pinkie the Cat
Spot the dog
Fluffy the white dog
Bo and her Peeps
Christmas Sheep
Fleece on Earth
Custom bowl for Vicky, you can have one too.
Blue stripe, White stripe
Blue on Blue stripe, White on white dot
Brown dog dreaming
Custom bowl for Vicky's friend. Custom bowls are welcomed. Especially if it is of your dogs.
Big fish
Big fish, short bowl
the "ewe"sual suspects
do ewe like the beach?
black spring
dotted swiss
Spahhhhhhhh day
white starfish/blue sea
Red Hot
Little Red Riding Hood and the Sheep Stearing Committee gives the girl a warning.
I'm like a vending machine !
Day of the Dead white on white
Day of the Dead purple & red
Day of the Dead bright aqua on saphire
Fleece on Earth Family
Forget the Elves Santa, we float and can knit stockings too !
Reindeer fly, we float.
Sheep of Staff
Red Spring Tall Bowl
I only asked for a little help with the grey, I guess I should have specified !
Christmas?? Nooooo, I always dress like this.
I can dream, can't I ??
Make my dreams come true !
The Obaaaahhhhmas
Here Kitty, kitty, kitty Special Order Custom bowl on its way to a happy knitter.
Little brown boy
Basset A & Basset B Custom Order
Basset A & B behinds.
I can dream, can't I ?
I can dream can't I ? backside
Little Bo Peep, tall yarn bowl
I have a dream (cat) yarn bowl
White pup, black & white sweater, yarn bowl.
Oak leaf, yarn bowl
backside of Little Bo Peep
side view of Little Bo Peep
Red Petunia Hat
Purple Petunia Hat
Two "ewe"ts
Short Blue Octopus yarn bowl
Baaaaaaad to the Bone short bowl
Pink Spring
Two ewes and a Sunflower
White Cat/Red Bowl
Crazy Town
Big Red Dot. Tall Bowl
White Spring Tall Yarn Bowl
Purple Octopus
Forest Floral
Buttercup Tall Bowl
Tall B&W Floral
Vacation in Baaaaahhston
Spring, pink
Do ewe like Paris? Oui Oui.
Love Ewe
White kitty.
Brown Hound
I promise you a rose garden, a cat and a mouse. Perfect !
Bo Peep is on vacation
You think sweater, I'm thinking bone
Blue Spring and Sunflowers
Dottie the Cat
Brown Pup/Green Ball
Blue Leaf large bowl.
Blue Leaf short bowl
Purple Spring large bowl
kellly green spring
blue & white spring
Yellow & white spring
Dark Nautical/White Octopus large bowl
Bright Aqua Octopus large bowl
LA Yarn Crawl 2018 Prize
LA Yarn Crawl 2018 prize
LA Yarn Crawl 2018 prize
LA Yarn Crawl 2018 prize
LA Yarn Crawl 2018 Prize
custom bowl for a special knitter
coral starfish
purple octopus
Red & Pink Octopus
Deep Blue Octopus
Coral with Red Octopus
We're a blended family
Purple/Pink floral vine
Sunflowers & Ladybugs
Super Spa Day
Red posies and ladybugs
Blue flowers and ladybugs
Red dots
Cat & Mouse...We're keeping an eye on ewe.
The Animal Kingdom is watching ewe.
White Bunny
Blue Bad Hair Day
Bright blue Starfish, short bowl
Ewe keeping an eye on ewe.
White dog/ Big dream.
Pink & Red Spring
Cobalt Stripe with a side of Lime
Red with Pink Spring
Pink & Red Spring short bowl
Pinkie, short bowl
Short Black Sheep
It's not a party hat, I'm a Ewenicorn, short bowl
Tall Naked Bowl
Spring Blues short
Red Spring short bowl
White pup Red Ball
4" tiny bowl for markers
Spring Blues Tall bowl
Daisy short bowl
Floral Fields
Ewe Family
They "ewe" sual subjects 2.0 ( a bit different from the original one)
Black Sheep in the family, 2.0
Grande Red Rose
Grande Purple Rose
The Sunflower Girls
May I watch ewe while ewe knit ?
Extra Large (14" diameter) one of a kind bowl. Cat & Dog vrs Mice
Big Bowl, one of a kind, 11" diameter Black & White striped outside, Floral interior
City Sheep live in High Rises
White Chick/Yellow bowl.
Baby Girl
Pink.Red.Orange Dots R Us
Eweuniversity of Southern California
After Shearing Season, Ewe enjoy going to the beach !
Just ewe & me.
Simple Sunflowers
How've ewe bee'n ?
Diamonds & Dots in Blue
Bl'ewe & Bl'ewe
N'ewe Sheriff in Town- 10 gallon yellow hat.
Sheep are Multi-taskers. Pony rides in the off season.
N'ewe Sheriff in Town- Red hat & Star
Don't graze sheep in a cactus field...they are like Velcro.
Large blue starfish
Little Lamb dishes for markers or beads
other side of Peacock
Wildfiber Studio, Santa Monica
There's a N'ewe Sheriff in town
Ewegineia P. Lacebottom, a Singer at the Sheep Saloon.
Sinful Sara, Entertainer at the Sheep Saloon.
Baaahloons for Sale
Green Starfish
Blue Starfish, green ocean
White starfish/blue ocean
San Diego Yarn Crawl 2018 Prize
Maaaahhh, always told me not to play near cactus. Now, I'm stuck.
I love ewe
Bare Naked Blue & White
Are Ewe a Nurse
All of Ewe have important jobs
Naked Black, White & Ladybugs
Leaves and pods in blue
Some hairdos ewe shouldn't do.
Llama Love
When ewe circle, watch your back.
Blue doillies
Sheep and Sunflowers
Ewe need to be careful with haircuts, so ewe don't end up looking like a poodle.
Bad hair day.
Red starfish
Ewe love the beach.
Ewe love the beach (other side)
Double Llamas
Spring Green Alpaca
Pretty Girl Alpaca
Sheep selfie
Olive Ewe
When life hands ewe lemons, knit.
Sugar Skull, Mellow Yellow.
Dotted Swiss Floral
I love ewe, big time.
Good things happen in a tight knit communtiy.
Sunflowers and Ladybugs
I am blue for ewe
Sunflower Field
Short blue starfish
Pink Spring
Coral Octopus
Day of the Dead ~ Teal with Green
Day of the Dead ~ Red with Coral
Tuxedo on yellow bowl
Mary is a little lamb
Queen of the Universe
Red Rose/Black & White
B &W thin stripe
Coneflower on green
Deep Blue Sea Starfish
Three Sheep to the Wind