I know this section is titled "About Us", but unless you are including my six Basset Hounds and one Basset/Terrier, it's only me.  Not much to tell, except I have always loved playing in the mud, love color and have never colored within the lines.  So if you are looking for something perfect, this might not be where you want to be.  I ignore the color wheel, love to try anything, at least once, and will "give it a whirl" if given the chance.  


I live in the country, where you can see the stars at night and rattlesnakes in the early mornings.  The coyotes are thick as thieves and party all night long.  But the air is fresh, the sky is blue, traffic is light and I my views are of a vineyard, so what else could you ask for. 


My studio is just beyond the house, so my commute is in my slippers and a cup of coffee.  So much nicer than the 100 miles I would put in driving all over Los Angeles, in my past life.


So, that is all I can tell you about me.  Well, there is more, but I don't want to bore you.  Oh, except I love what I do, and when a counselor in high school tells you that "art" isn't your "thing", walk out.  It paid for my house.


Please feel free to contact me through my email  glazedandconfused@roadrunner.com or just call me @760/451-3482  chances are, you will find me easier that way.  Look forward to hearing from you.